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Message from Brooke

I will never forget my very first ballet class at the age of three. Putting on my cornflower blue leotard and crossover with my pink tights and full sole leather ballet shoes. My hair pulled back into a ballet bun and photos for Mum and Dad before leaving the house. That day sparked my lifelong dream. I fell in love with the discipline from the beginning and soon after, my obsession with the craft, the storytelling, losing yourself in the music and expressing yourself became a part of my DNA. From that day I knew ballet was my first love. Yes, I was so fortunate to go and train at The Australian Ballet School followed by an incredibly memorable 12-year career with The Australian Ballet. I travelled the world representing my country with great pride, worked with world renowned and some of our country’s greatest and…

What We're About

At Studio 696 we believe that community is at the heart of any successful studio space. Whether your child is having their first encounter with ballet or you are an adult re-establishing your relationship or just starting out with dance, or you are an avid Pilates or yoga goer we want to be a space that is both aspiring, full of escapism and a place where you can express yourself with zero judgment or pressure.

We believe that the magic of ballet and the craftsmanship of technique are intertwined. Our mission is to provide a destination where these two elements can flourish. As a former ballerina, our director understands the importance of preserving the art form while also encouraging creativity, self-expression, musicality, and form.

Our baby ballet and adult ballet classes are designed to nurture each student’s growth and development as a dancer, as well as simply having fun. Our small and intimate classes emphasize proper technique while also fostering an environment that encourages creativity and self-expression.

Questions And Answers

Baby ballet, Adult Ballet, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Mat Pilates and private coaching
Please refer to our timetable
No experience needed and our expert teachers will always make you feel welcome and give modifications where necessary.
  • Baby ballet 45 minutes,
  • Parent/Carer and baby class 30 minutes,
  • Adult Ballet 45 minutes,
  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga 1 hour,
  • Mat Pilates 45 minutes.
Comfortable active wear with ballet flats or socks for adult ballet and baby ballet a ballet outfit of your choice with neat hair and ballet flats.
No we have everything for you and reccomend you bring your own water bottle.

Reviews From Our Members

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